GN Solids Control is a drilling waste management system turnkey provider, with more and more successful projects, GN Solids Control made drilling waste management systems is becoming more and more popular and widely accpeted by worldwide drilling waste treating companies. 
This November, we finished manufacturing of two new sets drilling waste management systems include decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryer, screw conveyor, and feeding pumps as well as other auxiliary equipment. 

 20201202 Decanter Centrifuge

1.GN Cuttings Dryer
GN Cuttings Dryer is mainly designed to treat OBM & SBM, after treated by GN Cuttings Dryer oil in the final cuttings is only less than 5%. Recovered oil can be used to make new oil based mud or further treated by decanter centrifuge in order to remove finer solids. 
2.GN Decanter Centrifuge
GN Decanter Centrifuge is also the key treating equipment, which we buile over hundreds every year. GN made decanter centrifuge 14 inch bowl siz, 18 inch and 22 inch are the three most popupar one, although GN also builts 9 inch bowl centrifuge and 30 inch bowl centrifuge. 

20201202 Vertical Centrifuge3.GN Telecsopic Skid
Both of GN Cuttings Dryer and GN Decanter Centrifuge are fixed on the top of GN telecsopic skid. GN made skid can be also used in offshore drilling rig platforms with DNV lifting certificate. 
4.GN Screw Pump
Each drilling waste management system includes one flushing screw pump for cuttings dryer and one feedig pump for decanter centrifuge. 
5.GN Screw Conveyor
GN screw conveyor is the feeding conveyor for GN Cuttings Dryer. Screw conveyor is mainly used to transfer materials with large solids content.  
These 2 sets GN drilling waste management systems will be used in 2 drilling rig sites. We also provided water based mud treating system for many African clinets. Mainly use Hi-G drying shaker to remove larger solids and then feed the slurry into decanter centrifuge.

2020.11.23 Screw Conveyor