January 08 2023

GN Solids Control this week shipped 2 sets of triple shale shakers to one Shandong Drilling company for drilling mud solids control. As the core treating unit in the oil and gas drilling mud control, GN shale shaker plays a great role of removing big particles from drilling mud and keep the the drilling activity running smoothly with a right gravity drilling mud. 

2023.01.05 Triple Shale Shaker

Every set shaker unit includes 3 shale shakers fixed on a common skid, which is easy to quick move and transport. GN shale shaker is a linear motion separate unit, by mounting different size of screens, GN Solids Control shake is able to remove solids from several microns to mm grade. 
Both of these two triple shaker units are fixed with a big feeding box, through which drilling mud is distributed among these 3 shakers, and can be adjusted on or off the the individual gate valve to each shaker unit. 
When drilling mud feed into the triple shaker unit, usually 2 sets shakers are working and the 3rd unit as a backup. During equipent regular check or shaker sreens changing, the 3rd shaker can be opened conveniently so the drilling can keep going without disturb. And in case when there is a sudden drilling mud volume increase, the 3rd unit can join the drilling mud separating immediately. 

2023.01.5 Drilling Shale Shaker
Compared to other brands shakers, GN triple shaker unit is easy to add addition vacuum screen unit with few work. GN made ViST unit is able to remove over 20~30% more drilling fluids, and discharge less drill cuttings. 
Beside the shakers, GN Solids Control also build some other drilling mud solids control equipment such as desander, desitler and drilling wase management equipment such as decanter centrifuge and cuttinsg dryer that provided to global customers. And GN Solids Control works closely with worldwide partners to provide a fast service support.