April 14 2010
GN provide solids control equipments to match customer’s thermal well drilling mud system. Including mud agitator and double mud mixing pump on one skid etc.

GN designed eight mud agitators, double jet mud mixer on one skid for them to configure and mix drilling mud. Adapt heavy duty on drilling fluids treating capacity.
Thermal well drilling is one division on civil construction, similar to HDD. So the drilling mud equipments also need to be portable so GN designed double mud mixer on one skid to ensure easy transportation but also meet client’s requirement on treating capacity.
thermal well drilling equipment gn solids control
Furthermore, the mud agitators are also customized on shaft and impeller. The customization is for the better performance on mixing and agitating.
twin bentonite mixing unit gn solids control
You’ll find more wonderful info in GN on more thermal drilling mud solids control equipments and system.