May 15 2022

The Fifth Generation Decanter Centrifuge for Overseas Wastewater treatment project
GN Solids Control has been providing thousands of decanter centrifuges from the very beginning of company establishment. Recently GN Solids Control shipped another 2 sets of 18 inch bowl centrifuges to a municipal waste water plant. 
Both of these 2 centrifuges are 18 inch bowl size, model GNLW454ET-VFD, they will be used to treat waste water at 30-40 m3/h with 2-3% solids content. In fact all GN decanter centrifuges used in non oil and gas industry are customized on the cone angle,length to diameter ratio etc. Another big difference is the main motor and secondary motor power can be chose on the treated material. 

2022.05.11 GNLW454ET Decanter Centrifuge 1

As for these 2 sets decanter centrifuges, GN Solids Control uses one 45 kw main motor and one 15 kw secondary motor. Rotating bowl material is made is SS2205, same for the screw propeller. Collecting box is made of SS304, and base foundation is made of carbon steel. 
To protect the centrifuge from long time weariness especially when treat high solids content slurry, GN Solids uses tungsten carbide tiles to protect the screw propeller edge, and propeller solids discharge port embed and protected by tungsten inserts. Centrifuge rotating bowl is made by duplex stainless steel by centrifugal casting, inside the bowl it is welded with anti-wear ribs. 

2022.05.11 GNLW 454ET Decanter Centrifuge 2
GN Solids Control builds VFD control centrifuge and fix speed manual control centrifuge. As for these 18 inch bowl centrifuge, it is fixed with temperature sensor on those two main bearing pedestals respectively and one vibration sensor, temperature alarms and vibration amplitude can be monitored HMI. 
GN Solids Control builds different explosion proof standards in order to use in different countries when use in oil & gas industry, mining industry. As for these 2 centrifuges, due to no hazardous environment is demanded, so GN Solids Control provided non EX standard.