June 25 2021

GN Solids Control is a top drilling mud treating equipment manufacturer, who has rich experience on manufacturing shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer etc. 
GN Solids Control made shale shaker and mud cleaner are widely using in world at hundreds of drilling rig sites. Last week GN Solids Control delivered a tandem shaker and a mud cleaner to another drilling company. 

2021.06.21 Tandem Shale Shaker

Shaker is the first phase to remove coarse solids from drilling mud. It removes big particles larger than 100 microns, although different cut points screens can be fixed on GN shaker panel to remove different sizes. 
GN Solids Control manufactures double deck shaker and tandem shaker besides the standard ones. For this drilling contractor, GN Solids Control provides one tandem shaker which includes 2 same model shale shakers, one big box type mud distribution box connected with these 2 shakers so the mud can be feed into the shaker feeding box evenly. 
GN Mud Cleaner is a compact designed shaker fixed with 10 inch desander cyclones and 4 inch desilter cyclones. It is a 3 phase treating unit, as 10 inch cyclones can remove solids larger than 55 microns, 4 inch cyclones can eliminate 25 microns, with the bottom shaker fixed with even finer screens compared with the tandem shaker so it can remove finer particles. 

2021.06.21 Mud Cleaner
All GN shakers are using GN own made shaker screens, which are tested to last longer compared with OEM screens, more importantly they are all strictly comply with API RP 13C standards. GN Solids Control is the only China screen manufacturer who can provide a full series of third party API RP 13C test report.
Beside shale shaker and mud cleaner, GN Solids Control also provides decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer. Welcome to connect with GN for more info, we always have the most cost-effective solution for you.