March 27 2012

 Now we come back from CIPPE with great success, without any show, or any other way to attract people, just products, showing people what we can do, what we can supply, as we usually do, the top quality products, best service.

You can also visit GN for Similar products show at OTC 2012, End of April of GN Stand.

2012 GN Solids CIPPE

There are 2 big step we have been approch, one is now we manufacture the cutting dryer, this means now we can supply all the drilling fluid plant equipment, cutting dryer/ high G shaker, and suitable decanter centrifuge;

GN Decanter Centrifuge Show


the other one is mini cleaner, we will use mini shaker to replace the traditional under shaker, as the feedback from our clients it is not so efficient as it should be. "Maybe it is cheaper, but this do not means we want to waste this little money, we deserve a better solution as we paid." OK, here it is.

new mini cleaners

We also brought a compact mud system with hydraulic lift system, we have sold a lot of similar system to Australia last year, and in this exhibition, also a lot of Australian clients come and visit us.

solids control system

Worrying about spare parts?

We also brought the screens with new design, longer operating time as proved; kinds of desander desilter cones for show. Surely we will have some in stock in our factory, and we also will cooperate with our agent to get some ware house for easier local service.

gn spare parts shaker screen

Feedback from clients:

You have a big booth!

When our clients talk about this with us, we are grateful for all our clients' trust and support. Frankly, for solids control supplier, we have the biggest booth in this exhibition, but anyway, this is not our purpose, we need this to show our system, equipment.As we FOCUS on PRODUCTS.

talking with clients

Focus on products!

This is the highly compliment we have ever heard, yes, that is GN Solids Control, forcus on top quality products, and best service for all our clients.

Some old friends also gave us a lot of suggestions, and expecting cooperating next time, thank you for all!

By the way, if you will also go to OTC, visit GN SOLIDS CONTROL!