April 30 2020

GN Solids Control last week shipped another set of Slurry Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge to a Singapore customer, who will use this system in TBM slurry separation. As a turnkey solids and liquid separation equipment provider, GN Solids Control can provide customizes slurry treating system based on customer’s demands. 

2020.04.21 Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge

Most of GN Solids Control Slurry Treating Systems are provided in oil & gas industry, while GN TBM Slurry Separation Plant is also very popular in TBM, Pipe Jacking or Trenchless construction etc, as a large quantity of mud is occurred after multiple times circulation. It’s very necessary to use GN Slurry Dewatering Unit as those finer solids usually cause increased mud weight and bring larger chance to wear drilling machine.GN Solids Control has provided hundreds of Slurry Dewatering decanter centrifuges in the world, includes USA, Canada, Kuwait, Singapore, Japan, England etc.

Here are the main treating equipment in this GN TBM Slurry Treating System:

1.1000G Mud Recycling System

GN Solids 1000G has the flow rate of 1000 GPM. It is designed in a compact structure includes desander cyclones and double deck shaker. TBM slurry is feed into 10 inch cyclones by using a submersible pump or centrifugal pump, after treated liquid fall into the bottom middle tank. 

2020.04.21 Desanding plant

2.Decanter Centrifuge

A screw pump sucks the mud from 1000GPM mud recycling system and feed into GN decanter centrifuge. Finer solids around 2-5 microns can be separated out by high speed decanter centrifuge, here one 22 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW553 is used. 

3.Flocculent Dosing Unit

In order to eliminate most of those larger particles, GN flocculent dosing unit is also provided. Flocculent is feed by dosing pump into decanter centrifuge. 

2020.04.21 Slurry Dewatering Centrifuge

4.Standard Container

Above mentioned GN equipment are all fixed inside standard containers, which are easy to move among different work sites.     

GN Solids Control provides different flow rate systems, all are in a compact structure as they are mainly used in urban area with limited working room.