November 08 2014

Royal Dutch Shell plc (ADR) invested $1 billion every year for the shale gas project it signed up for in China’s Sichuan province. Shell agreed on exploring shale gas projects in the Sichuan Basin in collaboration with China National Petroleum Corporation.

As the evironmental regulations for China goverment,all the OBM should be treated to meet the standard to get down to Oil On cuttings below 1%. The following system is designed for GWDC (Greatwall Drilling Company) to do the service for Shell in Sichuan. After treated by the Vertical cuttings dryer unit, the oil on the cuttings can be down to 3-5%, and the cuttings will be transfered to the Thermal desorption unit. Another advantage to use the drilling cuttings management unit is recover the drilling fluids for reuse.

 drilling cuttings management

It includes a GNCD930 Vertical cuttings dryer, and a Variable speed decanter centrifuge GNLW363BG-VFD ,feeding pumps and tanks etc. The drilling cuttings management system is designed to handle 30 tons per hour for the OBM drilling cuttings.


Two screw conveyor transfer the drilling cuttings to feed to the vertical cuttings dryer. And after drying by the cuttings dryer, the solids discharged to the third screw conveyor to transfer to the cutting collection box.

GN Solids Control also have supplied several sets of other drilling waste management system for the OBM to the service companies to treat the drilling cuttings for shell in Sichuan Province.

Cuttings Dryer for Baker Huges

Besides the Sichuan Shell Project, GN Solids Control is building another 4 sets of complete line drilling cuttings management system for Baker Huges.The above photoes displayed is the cuttings dryer for Baker Huges.