April 17 2010

This week we ship a set of Premix mud tank equipments and spare parts to Kazakstan.

The list of material for the premix tank is including the following items.

mixing pump                           Agitator                florecent lights    
flood lights                              heater                plug and receptacles   
and other small parts

kazakstan centrifugal pumpkazakstan shake screen

We packed them in iron box which is suitable for long-period rail transportation.


kazakstan mud agitator kazakstan solids control equipments

Specially the plug and receptacles are the important parts for the electric control panel. Our plug and receptacles are non-spark explosion-proof type, and mobile socket, which is stable to use and cheaper compared with Appleton ones.
But we did not supply mud tank because of the expensive international delivery cost from our factory to Kazakstan.
GN Solids Control can supply complete set of mud tank system and spare parts according to client's requirements, welcome to communicate with us for more information.

NEWS AND PRODUCTS on mud tank system

Complete mud tank system

We enclosed the complete mud tank system from big to small for your info. We have the following questions for propasal of our separation equipments & system ...

Drilling mud tank recycle systems equipments for Kazakhstan

10 Sep 2009 ... Drilling mud tank recycle systems equipments for Kazakhstan ,supply oifield mud circulation system equipments !