January 21 2022

GN Solids Control is a leading solids and liquid turnkey system provider, with more and more successful slurry separation systems using in the world, GN Solids Control is well recognized by more and more users. 
In the passed several weeks, GN Solids Control has finished manufacturing of 4 sets 1000 GPM pipe jacking slurry separation desander plants and 1 set 240 m3/h TBM slurry treating systems as well as 3 sets 1500 GPM pipe jacking slurry separation plants for an Asian client.

2022.01.20 GNTBM 240 Separation Plant

1. 4 sets GNMS-1000D Pipe Jacking Slurry Separation Systems
GNMS-1000D pipe jacking slurry system includes a double deck shaker which is fixed with 2 sets 10 inch desander cyclones. A collect tank underneath shaker is used to stock the the clean slurry after treated by the bottom shaker, a centrifugal pump suck the slurry and feed into the big cyclones for a second separation. 

2022.0118 GNMS 1000D Separation Plant

2022.01.21 Pipe Jacking Separation Plant
2. 1 set GNTBM-240 TBM Slurry Separation System
GNTBM-240 slurry separation system is a compact structure treating unit especially designed in TBM industry. It is mainly composed by shaker, desander, desilter and 2 slurry pumps. 
GNTBM-240 is able to treat 240 m3/h slurry with high percentage of solids and big particles. Most of the solids are removed in the bottom coarse shaker first. To meet the demands of anti high abrasion, GN Solids engineers have done many special designs, such as all the shaker feeding box are covered with wear resistant PU, all the connecting ports are thoroughly protected as well.  

3. 3 sets GNMS-1500D Pipe Jacking Slurry Separation Systems  

Besides the above mentioned GN separation systems, this Asian client also purchased 3 sets GNMS-1500D pipe jacking slurry treating plants. Similar with the 1000 GPM system, GNMS-1500D also includes a double deck shaker, 2 big 14 inch cyclones and a 75kw slurry pump. 

2022.01.18 GNMS 1500D Desander Plant 32022.01.18 GNMS 1500D Desander Plant
GN Solids Control is able to provide standard treating plants as well as customized slurry treating systems, as long as you share with us your detail demands, we are happy to provide a cost-effective solution to meet your demands.