February 16 2016

GN Solids Control had already confirmed absolutely would show again at the OTC 2016. Even though when the oil
business will get warm still not predictable, GN solids control would firmly like to hand together with all the friends in this industry to do something to make our businesses keep going forward positively.
GN got 2 booths at the OTC 2015, one of them is with the name of GN Solids Control which is our China headquarter, the other one is with the name of GN Solids America which is our America branch company.

GN OTC 2015

For OTC 2016, GN still has 2 booths to entertain the clients. Below information will help you to locate GN’s booth.
Event Location: NRG Park, Houston, TX, USA
Event Time: 2-5 May 2016
GN Booth No. 1: Reliant Center 1652-A
GN Booth No. 2: Reliant Arena 9732
GN team is willing to receive the appointments for an visiting to our booth, please let us know by sending to or

A face talk at the show hall will not be enough to make a deep understanding for each other. Luckily, GN has office and warehouse in Houston, TX which would be excellent for a further more talking during or after the show. GN is always welcoming any clients who want to come to our warehouse for talking deeper cooperation and equipment inventory checking.
GN Houston office and warehouse address: 6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040

GN OTC 2015

OTC 2016, GN’s booth at Reliant Center is much gorgeous but concise than last year, the equipment used for waste cuttings management still would be the protagonist. Right now, GN is able to provide this industry with full line equipments like vertical cuttings dryer, high G force drying shaker, waste decanter centrifuge and the final solution system – cuttings solidification unit. Reply on this type equipment, GN had gone through the tough year of 2015 with a fruitful performance.

OTC 2016, with sincere respect and full enthusiasm, GN Solids Control is expecting seeing you there.