February 28 2019

At the beginning of this year, a domestic environmental company placed order of oil sludge treatment plant to GN. Now this system is under the final stage factory commissioning and test, and then will be shipped to client’s site.

GN oil sludge treatment could be used to treat a wide range of oily sludge coming from drilling site waste, refinery plant waste and other oil contaminated slurry. The purpose is to recover the valuable oil and reduce the waste discharge. That is both beneficial for environmental protection and business operating.

Below a brief introduction of GN Oil Sludge Treatment Plant

The basic working principle of the oil sludge treatment plant is to use separation equipment to separate different phase like oil water and soil. In the meanwhile, chemicals would be added into the sludge to speed up the oil taking off from soil. Therefore the system mainly includes chemical dosing module, pump transferring pipeline and physical separation module.

The dosing system has automatically dosing pump to add chemical powders into the mixing cavity for solution making, all wet touching parts are stainless steel in the mixing tank. Processed by mixing, maturing and storing, the chemical solution could be pump into the sludge pre-mixing tank for demulsification.
The original oil sludge is always sticky, for better separation performance, operator need to add water to dilute for easy transferring by the pump. The treating capacity is claimed based on the diluted sludge. GN oil sludge treatment system is provided with pre-mixing tank.
The separation process is consisting of coarse solids separation, fine solids separation and oil water separation. The former two separations are both two-phase separation for liquid and solids. A shaker unit is used to remove the large size solid particles in sludge, and the effluence will be pump to the horizontal decanter centrifuge for fine solids separation. The liquid discharged out from decanter will be send to vertical type three-phase disc centrifuge oil and water separation, here very less ultra-fine solid particles could be also separated out at a high speed up to 7000RPM.

GN is able to provide the oil sludge treatment system with capacity of 1 cubic, 5 cubic and 15 cubic meters per hour for pre-mixed sludge. Please contact with GN Solids Control for more information if any interesting.