April 10 2021

GN Solids Control is a leading drilling cuttings management turnkey system provider. Different customers always need different systems, GN Solids Control has the right tailored system for every client. 

2021.04.07 Oil Sludge Treatment 1

Last month GN Solids Control delivered one whole sets of oil based drilling cuttings washing system for one China client. It mainly includes the following key treating equipment:
1.Rotating Screen x 1set
Feed by belt conveyor, a big horizontal rotating drum screen remove those big materials from oil based cuttings like stones, plastics, rubbers etc.  
2.Hi-G Vibrating Shaker x 1 set
Slurry feed into GN Hi-G Vibrating Shaker by gravity. GN Solids builds various models of shakers to remove different particles when fixing different shaker screens. 

2021.0407 Oil Sludge Treatment 2

3.Dynamic Mixing Unit x 2 sets
Dynamic mixing unit mix the slurry after treated by shaker, drill agent is added to wash the oil out. 
4.Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge x 2 sets
2 sets GN decanter centrifuges are used to remove finer particles, the first unit is rotating under middle speed while the second unit is rotating under high speed. 

2021.04.07 Oil Sludge Treatment 4

5.Inclined Plate Clarifier x 1 set
Liquid after treated by GN decanter centrifuge is further cleaned by GN inclined plate clarifier. 
6.Screw Conveyor and Belt Conveyor
Multiple screw conveyors and belt conveyors are used to transfer solids.  
When classified by treating process, this GN Oil Based Drilling Cuttings Washing System includes:
1.Pre-treating Module: crush and screening. Crush the oil based cuttings by a crushing bucket or a crusher. 
2.Screen Module: coarse solids screening. May need to heat first for better separating performance, the crushed oil cuttings are separated by coarse shaker first. 

2021.04.07 Oil Sludge Treatmetn 3
3.Washing Module: dynamic mixing and washing machine. Oil sludge cleaning agent may be added to wash the OBM thoroughly.  
4.Solids and Liquid Separation Module: 
5.Secondary Agitating and Washing Module
6.Secondary Solids and Liquid Separation Module
7.Agent Collect Module