June 22 2020

GN Solids Control has been working on providing turnkey solutions in oil and gas industries for many years. GN made solids control equipment like shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryer, mud cleaner, desander, desilter and varieties of pumps are widely used in thousands of drilling rig sites. 

2020.06.19 Mud Cleaner for Offshore

As we all know, on shore and off shore drilling rigs both play a vital important role in explore and produce oil. Usually, off shore drilling rigs have higher technical demands on all used equipment includes the solids control equipment as they are working far away from land and should work properly with very small chance of down time. 
GN Solids Control has already provided both onshore and offshore solids control systems and drilling waste management systems to in the past years. With more and more GN equipment working on offshore drilling rig platforms with excellent working performance, GN Solids Control made equipment become the most cost effective solutions, especially when the oil price is fluctuate at a historical low level. 

2020.06.19 Offshore Mud Cleaner 1
GN Solids Control provided DNV lifting certificate decanter centrifuges and shale shakers to offshore drilling rig contractors before. DNV certificate is usually mandatory. This time that 2 sets GN mud cleaners are also with DNV lifting frames and pads to guarantee a safety working. 
GN mud cleaner we usually called ‘ 3 in 1’ as it’s composed with 10 inch cyclones, 4 inch cyclones and a bottom shale shaker. These 2 sets GN Solids Control provided are GNZJ594-3S16N. Polyurethane made cyclones are covered with metal to guarantee a long time usage without weariness. Shale shaker working angle is easily adjusted by a side lever from -1degree to +5 degree. Shaker screens are fixed with patented wedges for easy locking and unlocking. Whole shake deck is made of stainless steel to protect from rusty.  
GN Solids Control also has some sets shale shakers stocking in Houston, USA or Langfang, China. Please feel free to connect with us if you need any shale shakers or mud cleaners.