January 07 2019

For many years, GN is known as a professional manufacturer of mud recycling equipment. Besides the main mud treatment equipment such as the shaker, cyclone and decanter, GN Solids Control is able to provide the mud transfer pump and mud agitators as well.

The mud transfer pump is an indispensible media for the mud flow from one place to the other. And the pump also provides the power or pressure for mud getting into the equipment for better treating result. GN has below 3 types mud transfer pump is widely in mud engineering and other industries.


Centrifugal pump - in solids control system, the centrifugal pump could be used as the feeding pump to the hydrocyclones, the pressure produces by the pump will give the mud a high speed when getting into the cyclone for better separation performance. It can also be a mixing pump connecting with venturi hopper for mud chemical supplement. GN centrifugal pump is using nodular cast iron as the material of pump case and impeller for long service life.

Screw pump – GN provides single stage screw pump that is mainly used as the feeding pump of the decanter centrifuge due to the stable flow rate. GN screw pump is coming from the Germany brand Netzsch.
Sludge vacuum pump – GN sludge vacuum pump is a multiple function pump that could transfer liquid, sludge, power even sand. It is a fully pneumatic driving pump without any electrical components, which makes it ideal equipment for hazardous area application. Some clients who are doing oil sludge treatment business use this vacuum pump to transfer the oily sludge from pit.

The mud agitator is normal equipment in mud tank for mud mixing. It can stir the mud to make the mud material dissolving and suspending evenly in the mud. According to different mud tank dimension, mud viscosity, GN solids control is able to provide the mud agitator with different size, power by selecting the suitable motor and gear box.
For more information on GN mud transfer pump and mud agitator, please feel free to contact GN.