May 27 2023

GN Solids Control is a professional solids and liquid separation equipment manufacturer who have provided thousands of turkey solutions to global customers include New Zealand. This week GN Solids Control finished manufacturing of some sets mud recycling units for trenchless drilling customers.
One mud recycler (model GNMS-1000D) will be shipped to a pipe jacking contractor based in Singapore and the other set (GNMS-500D) shall be used in South Africa for HDD contract.

2023.05.25 Mud Recycling Unit 1

GN Solids Control made mud recycling systems can use in the harsh environment. GN Solids provides standard units for quick delivery, and also manufactures customized systems to any high demand work.
GN Mud Recycling Unit is mainly used to treat the drilling mud occurred during construction work as many fine particles like sands or silts must be removed first in order to be reused in the drilling activity.
1.    GN Singapore Mud Recycling System
GNMS-1000D is a double deck shaker fixed with 2 sets 10 inch desander cyclones. Particles are moved from the bottom deck shaker first when the drilling mud feed by a submersible pump. Clean slurry falls into the tank bottom where a centrifugal pump is used to feed the slurry again into the desander cyclones and effluent falls on the top deck for finer particles removal.  

2023.05.25 Mud Recycling Unit 2
2.    GN South African Mud Recycling System
GNMS-500D has the similar working process with the GNMS-1000D, only difference is GNMS-500D is a three panels’ shaker fixed with one desander cyclone.
All the shaker screens usedd on GN Mud Recycling Systems are made by GN Soilds Control, and GN Solids can provides different openning screens suitable for various working conditions. To help this system running safely at night, a foldable light is fixed on the tank top.
GN Solids Control now has 3 manufacturing plants who can provides construction mud recycling systems in a short time, welcome to reach to GN for more details if you need any mud systems.