October 27 2019

No dig is one type of construction or infrastructure engineering method. When the rig is working, drilling mud is needed to ensure the performance of the rig. To make the drilling mud reusable and reduce the drilling cost, contractors always install mud recycling system to recover the drilling mud. 

With more than ten years' experience in designing and manufacturing the mud recycling system, GN has compact model mud systems especially for the trenchless project. According to users’ different requirement and site area limitation, GN is able to provide the mud recycling unit with different configuration. Typically, there are two types, one is de-sanding unit, and the other type is self-contained mud recycling system.

De-sanding unit is small footprint and economical, it is combined by the cyclone unit and shaker unit, both of that are mounted on a small collection tank. It is a 2-stage separation unit, and its function is to remove the coarse solids in the drilling mud. The de-sanding unit is mainly used in the projects that drilling mud with certain bigger size solids acceptable, like the piling project.

GN self-contained mud recycling system could be designed as a 4-stage separation system including coarse cuttings separation, sand separation, silt separation and ultrafine solids separation. Comparing with the de-sanding unit, the self-contained mud recycling system will have bigger size mud tank for large volume and sufficient space to mount the separation equipment. Contractor who want to get high clean level drilling mud need to bring the decanter centrifuge into the mud recycling system to avoid the ultrafine solid building up in the drilling mud. Besides, the self-contained mud recycling system has the mud mixing system to control the mud property. 

GN has standard model and also provides customized design of the mud recycling system, if any request, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.