April 24 2020

As we all know in the coalbed methane (also called CBM) drilling industry, oil and gas drilling techniques are also widely adopted. GN Solids Control is a leading solids and liquid separation service provider, until now GN Solids Control provided thousands of whole treating systems to global customers. And GN Solids Control build mud cleaning systems are also largely used in CBM well drilling construction. 

2020.04.14 Solids Control System

Today we’d like to introduce one CBM mud cleaning system we delivered to one China CBM constructor. Here are the main components:

1.GN Tandem Shaker

GN Tandem Shaker unit includes 2 sets shale shakers which are fixed on one common skid. A box type feeding distributor collect the CMB drilling mud and distribute it to the 2 sets shakers evenly. 

2.GN Desander

After treated by GN Tandem shale shaker, a submersible pump is used to feed the slurry into GN desander. GN desander is shale shaker fixed with 10 inch cyclones, which can remove solids larger than 55 microns. Sometimes, centrifugal pumps are also used to feed into cyclones. 

3.GN Desilter

GN desilter is composed of shale shaker and multiple sets 4 inch cyclones. Solids larger than 25 microns can be eliminated. Effluent falls into the bottom shaker, finer solids are removed by shaker screens. GN Solids Control provides different API nos. Screens which are all strictly comply with API RP 13C standard.    

 2020.04.10 Desander Desilter

4.GN Mud Mixing Tank

GN mud mixing tank holds all the treated mud from GN desilter. Usually every 3 meters is mounted one set mud agitator on the top of the mud tank. GN mud tank is used to keep the clean drilling mud from settlement. Sometimes, mud guns are also fixed in the corner to keep the mud accumulated in the corner.  

2020.04.14 Mud Cleaning System

GN decanter centrifuge can be also used to recover finer solids larger than 2 microns. Actually, chemical dosing unit is also used together with GN decanter centrifuge.