May 20 2023

GN Solids Control finish one set of mud cleaning packaging equipment for one New Zealand Client this week, it will be shipped to customer very soon after the factory water test in the following weeks.

20230516 Mud Cleaning System2

This whole mud cleaning package equipment will be used for the liquid slurry brought by hydrovac trucks; it mainly includes the mainly following components:
1.    GN Hi-Cap Feeding Box
A hydrovac truck can carry slurry with solids around 70% solids content around 10 m3. Slurry is discharged into feeding box first, big aggregates are kept on the metal crossing of the hopper to protect the decanter shaker panels. 3 hydrovac trucks can discharge at the same time.  
2.    GN Coarse Shaker
GN Coarse Shaker is a large screen with PU panels. Depend on the solids’ distribution, GN use different sizes PU panels for the shaker.

20230516 Mud Cleaning System13.    GN Double Deck Shaker
GN Double Deck Shaker is a shaker with two decks which are fixed with coarse screens on the top deck and fine screens on the bottom deck.
4.    GN Cyclone
GN Cyclone removes solids above 25 microns, and some finer screens are used to further remove the fine particles. A submersible pump is usually used to feed into GN cyclones.
5.    GN 22inch Bowl Decanter Centrifuge
As the key treating equipment in this whole hydrovac slurry dewatering system, GN 22 inch bowl decanter centrifuge removes finest particles above 2-5 microns under high rotating speed. Solids discharge ports are protected by using tungsten carbide materials.

20230516 Mud Cleaning System42

6.    GN Chemical Dosing Unit
As mechanical separation is not easy to remove all fine particles, a chemical dosing unit is used together with the decanter centrifuge to provide polymers automatically at a certain speed.
GN Solids Control provides a whole treating solution, besides the above mentioned equipment, some other auxiliary equipment like screw conveyor collect solids, mud agitator keep the slurry from sediment.

20230516 Mud Cleaning System3