March 20 2010

Australia tunneling company bought one set of Jet mud mixer (SLH150-30) from GN.

They use the jet mud mixer in their tunneling project, in order to mix the bentonite completely and ensure high performance. They requested capacity is about 20m3/h, the required detail is: mix in batches of around 5000 litres to mix of 5%, 50kgs of bentonite to 1000 litres of water.


After receiving the requirements, we quoted the customized model(SLH150-25) hold same capacity for them. However, they wish: “bentonite supply will be in bulker bags which we would prefer to empty into a hopper capable of batching the required quantify for the mix.” Then we sent them another solution: Jet mud mixer SLH150-30 to help them get better result


They are satisfied on the jet mud mixer other details, such as motor and pump parameters since the pump motor is explosion proof IP54, F insulation level. According to the power demand we design the mixer with soft starter to ensure operation much better.
Deserve to be mentioned, the jet mud mixer manufacture time is only 12 days( from 22 Feb. to 5 Mar.), however, the quality is rather satisfying.