November 17 2019

Last week, from November 11~14th, GN Solids Control attended the ADIPEC 2019 oil exhibition in Middle East. More than 150,000 visitors and over 2,200 exhibitors were there for this great event. GN attracted lot of attention on the show.

Being a professional manufacturer and supplier of the oilfield drilling fluids recycling and waste recovery solution, GN is committed to bringing qualified and advanced technology to this industry with the vision to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the contractors. 

In the exhibition, GN showed both the traditional standard solids control equipment and the new released vacuum transferring device. 

1. Decanter Centrifuge --- the decanter centrifuge is used to separate the fine solids in liquid (drilling fluids, waste water, etc.). A high speed in required to get higher G force for better separation performance. The shown unit in the exhibition is with diameter 220mm and speed up to 4500rpm. GN can make maximum 30 inch bowl diameter for high solid content slurry separation. 

2. Shale Shaker with VIST System --- in drilling mud recovery system, the shale shaker is the first step for separation of drilling cuttings and mud. GN connects the shaker with VIST system to increase the drilling fluids recovery efficiency and make the discharged cuttings much dryer. This VIST system is compact design, it can save the cost in putting other equipment like vertical cuttings dryer and high G force drying shaker for further treatment on the cuttings.

3. Solids/Sludge Vacuum Pump --- GNSP series solids vacuum pump is 100% pneumatic driven pump that can be used for wide scope materials transferring like light liquid, heavy liquid, wet sludge, solid powder and even gravel. It is an ideal solution for high viscosity drilling waste cuttings transportation in oilfield, easy operation, small footprint, and flexible location. 

4. Replacement Shaker Screen --- shaker screen is the most consumable product in drilling industry. So far, GN has established the advanced replacement screen product line for almost all widely used brands in the industry. GN composite frame screen has got lot of praise from client on the jobsite performance. 

For more information on GN solids control and separation solutions, please feel free to contact us.