July 23 2021

HDD mud dewatering decanter centrifuge for Sinopec Project
As the most famous brand of solids and liquid separation, GN Solids Control delivered one more set HDD mud dewatering decanter centrifuge to Sinopec which is GN strategic partner in the oil and gas industry as GN has provided so many drilling mud solids control equipment and drilling waste management systems. 

2021.07.15 Decanter Centrifuge

During the HDD rig working process, a clean drilling mud should be provided to guarantee the drilling activity running smoothly. GN Solids Control also manufactures HDD mud recycling system to remove big particles from the HDD mud, but as you know only use shaker and cyclones is not able to eliminate fine particles. With time goes by, more and more finer solids are accumulated in the drilling mud which will bring damage to the HDD rig. 

2021.07.15 Dewatering Centrifuge
Decanter centrifuge is feed by screw pump, also know as positive displacement pump. Every screw is a fixed flowrate, which makes it easy to feed constant drilling mud into the centrifuge. And it is convenient to operate on centrifuge HMI, such as the rotating speed, differential speed, and main alarms such as bearing temperature and bowl vibration etc can be monitored on HMI panel as well.

2021.07.15 Mud Decanter Centrifuge