July 17 2021

GN Solids Control is a leading solids and liquid separation system provider, last month we finished another set of TBM slurry separation plant for a South American client, now it is ready to deliver to client’s site and will be used to help to treat the TBM slurry. 
GNTBM240 can treat 240 m3/h slurry, remove big solids and get clean liquid to reuse in preparing new mud.

202107.14 TBM Slurry Separation Plant

Here are the main treating components in GNTBM-240 slurry separation plant:
1.GN Coarse Double Deck Shaker and 18 inch Cyclone 
GN coarse double deck shaker removes big sizes particles like aggregates, stones etc. Feeding box inside wall is protected by long time wear resistance material, sludge overflow from the feeding box to the bottom deck shaker, where opening mesh shaker screens are fixed. 
Liquid fall through the shaker deck into the first mud tank, it connects with a heavy slurry transfer pump so liquid is feed into the big inch cyclone to remove most of the solids from the liquid. And it falls onto the upper deck shaker further remove solids with finer API nos. Screens. 
2.GN Fine Single Deck Shaker and 4inch Cyclone
GN fine single deck shaker is fixed with the finest screens, liquid after treated by GN double deck shaker and cyclones is feed into it for further treating. To save the working room, GN single deck shaker is put on the top of the double deck shaker, while the double deck shaker is within a lifting frame.     
3.GN Heavy Slurry Transfer Pump
Two GN heavy slurry transfer pumps are fixed on one side of the skid, they are the feeding pumps for the 18 inch cyclone and 4 inch cyclone. 

2021.07.14 TBM Slurry Separation Unit

4.GN Compact Mud Tank  

All above GN equipment are fixed on the a compact mud tank divided by two compartments. One central control system is conveniently to control all the shakers, pumps. And two simple on/off control boxes are connected with the double deck shakers and single deck shaker separately for convenient operation.