May 09 2023

GN Solids Control this week finished manufacturing of one set 2 m3/h oil sludge system for one Fujian client in China. As one of the most popular treating equipment, GN Solids Control has been providing oil sludge treating systems for worldwide customers for many years.

2023.05.08 Oil Sludge Treatment System

Here are the main components of GN oil sludge treating system:
1.    GN Premixing and Heating Unit
GN premixing and heating unit is the first treating process of the high density and large viscosity oil sludge as they are not easy move without dilution. By premix and hear the oil sludge in the first treating tank, GN Solids Control is able to remove the sludge smoothly. A chemical dosing unit is connected with this unit to add demulsifier.
2.    GN Separation Unit
GN Separation Unit is a 3 phase treating unit, it can separate the oil sludge into 3 clean phases: oil, water and solids.
After pretreated, oil sludge it pumped into a coarse shaker GNZS752J so the larger solids in the oil sludge can be removed first, usually solids larger than 100 microns can be removed by the shaker but varies on the shaker screens fixed on the shaker deck.
Effluent from shale shaker is feed into a 9 inch bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW224, where solids above 2-5 microns can be removed with the help to polymer more fine particles are eliminated from the liquid.

2023.05.08 Oil Sludge Treatment Plant
To get the oil and water clearly, GN Solids provides one 3 phase disc-separator GNSD-40 after the two phase decanter centrifuge.
GN 2 m3/h oil sludge treating unit is a demo treating unit, in a compact design so it move easily among different sites. And GN Solids Control also provides much bigger standard treating unit like 5m3/h and 15 m3/h which can treat the oil sludge continuously. Usually based on the site usage, GN Solids Control customize the oil sludge treating system so the customer can have a cost-effective solution.