November 01 2019

GN solids control has accumulated rich experience in manufacturing the equipment used for oil sludge treatment. GN's oil sludge treatment system is consisting of several modules for water, oil and solid separation, the core equipment in each module to some extent determines the performance of the system. Recently, GN is finished the fabrication of an order including decanter centrifuge and solids vacuum pump for oil sludge treatment application.

GNLW554EP is type solid bowl decanter centrifuge with bowl diameter 22 inch and L/D ratio 4.2. Below features make it performs excellently onsite.

1. GN EP series decanter centrifuge is used for dewatering of the slurry with high solid content. Therefore for all the solids touching parts in the bowl assembly, the tungsten carbide would be adopted for wearing protection. The screw blade is full welded with tungsten carbide plate 4mm thick. Slurry distribution port and solids discharging port also protected with tungsten carbide bushing. To avoid the wearing of the bowl surface caused by solids building up at the discharging port, the scrapers are installed to scraping off the wet solids.
2. Large L/D ration can make the slurry stay longer inside the bowl for better classification.
3. Centrifugal casting technology to make the bowl material distribution more even for better dynamic balance. 
4. Lubrication oil station system continuously lubricating and cooling on the bearing ensures the stable running. 

In oil sludge treatment system, the decanter centrifuge is used to remove large content of solid from liquid (water and oil mixture) to reduce the working loading for subsequent oil and water separation.

GN solids vacuum pump is a king of 100% pneumatic driving pump with various applications. It is an ideal solution for the sticky oil sludge transferring. The long transferring distance makes it competent to pump the sludge from pit to plant. No electrical parts makes it can be used in hazardous area with flammable gas. There is no any moving part in the cavity make the maintenance easily.  

For more information on oil sludge treatment equipment, please no hesitate to contact with GN Solids Control.