February 26 2020

GN Solids Control has been keeping upgrade all different kinds of solids and liquid separation systems since the beginning of establishment. Until now GN Solids Control has provided thousands of mud recycling systems to global customers. 1P2 GNTBM 360M

GN standard TBM slurry treating system includes: 

1. GNTBM-240M, treating capacity 240 m3/h;

2. GNTBM-360M, treating capacity 360 m3/h;

3. GNTBM-500M, treating capacity 500 m3/h;

4. GNTBM-1000M, treaing capacity 1000 m3/h. 

Today we would like to give you an introduction of newly upgraded GN TBM Slurry Treating Unit, professional knowledge is used plus those precious experiences earned by our service engineers. GN TBM Slurry Treating Unit is mainly designed to treat slurry or mud from TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), Mix shields  or Shaft Sinking Machine and AVN Machine. As the key treating equipment to guarantee the smooth and successful working of TBM, GN TBM Slurry Treating Unit is mainly includes the following component (different capacity systems will have different configurations):

1.GN Coarse Shaker

All the TBM slurry is feed into GN coarse shaker to removal large stones, sands or aggregates first. GN coarse shaker is a longer shale shaker fixed with multiple pieces shaker screens, usually poly screens are used, but we also provide stainless steel screens to choose. 

2.GN Cyclone

After treated by GN coarse shaker, most of those large particles are separated out, a centrifugal pump will be used to feed into GN cyclones. Based on the cyclone sizes, GN Solids Control will provide different sets centrifugal pumps. GN Solids Control has 10 inch desander cyclones and 4 inch desilter cyclones to eliminate solids larger than 50 microns and 25 microns separately. P3 GNTBM 500M

3.GN Feeding Pump  

GN centrifugal pump is very popular to used as the feeding pump. GN Solids Control made centrifugal pumps are totally interchangeable with NOV mission magnum pump. P3 Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge

4.GN Mud Tank

GN mud tank stock the clean mud after treated by GN coarse shaker and GN cyclone. Sometimes, bentonite will be used to add into the clean mud so it can be reused. All the above mentioned equipment is fixed on the top of GN mud tank in a compact structure. 

If you want to get much cleaner mud, a GN decanter centrifuge should be used in order to remove those solids larger than 2-5 microns. GN Solids Control provides standard TBM treating systems, also customized systems can be provided.P4 Desanding Plant 1