May 04 2020

On April 28, 2020, the foundation laying ceremony for the office building of GN Yutian manufacturing base was opened in this sunny and recovery season. GN HQ top management team participated in the foundation ceremony and witnessed this historic moment together!

2020.04.28 2

GN Yutian production base started in 2018. After more than one year of layout design, land and building approval procedures, the first stage of workshop construction started at the end of 2019. At present the main structure of coating workshop and finished product warehouse has been completed, and it is about to enter the stage of machining equipment installation. It is expected to open the painting workshop and finished product warehouse in August 2020. The foundation laying ceremony is to start the construction of the office building. Total area of the office building is 10,000 square meters, with 6 floors. The bottom 4 floors are the office area, and the top 2 floors are the staff dormitory. GN office building is expected to complete the main construction and external decoration in 2020, and then put into use after the internal decoration is completed in the first half of 2021.

2020.04.28 6
GN Yutian R & D and manufacturing base is planned to meet the new development needs of GN. In order to meet the business expansion of oil & gas Solid Control Equipment and Drilling Waste Management Equipment, also meet the business development needs of new brand of GN: GN Separation and Conveying. In recent years, GN has introduced a number of high-end professionals and technical personnels. GN is committed to the development of industrial solid-liquid separation equipment, oil sludge treatment equipment and soil remediation equipment. GN main products include: high-end industrial centrifuges, industrial material conveying equipment, oil sludge treating equipment, etc. 

2020.04.28 8
GN newly developed equipment will help GN go to a new properous stage. In addition to meeting the high-end demand of oil & gas industry, they can also be widely used in environmental protection industry, mining industry, chemical industry, food industry and bio fuel industry, etc.

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