September 16 2019

ADIPEC, Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition Conference, is one of the largest events for oil and gas industry. In recent years, GN Solids Control almost attended this show every year. This November, GN will again bring equipment and show there. All visitors are welcomed to visit GN booth and learn more about GN Solids Control.

Please keep below information and easily find GN at the show

Show Name - ABU DHABI International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference
Show Time - 11-14 NOVEMBER 2019
GN Booth No. - 10514

This year, GN will bring below equipment to the show, all the equipment is widely used in oilfield. GN is committed to providing the qualified products to ensure the stable working and safety operation.

1. GN ViST vacuum screen system is a device that can greatly increase the drilling fluids recovery rate and reduce the waste discharge rate. By installing a collecting pan under the last panel shaker screen, the vacuum screen is working together with the shale shaker. The drilling fluids passing through the shaker screen would be vacuum sucked into collecting pan, then to the vacuum unit. The recovered drilling fluids could be sent back directly to the mud tank system for reusing, This vacuum screen technology is applicable for all types drilling mud like OBM, WBM and SBM. With connection with the vacuum screen, the driller can use finer screens on the shaker to make the cutting much dryer. One set GN vacuum screen device could be used for 2~3 shakers. 

2. Shaker screen, as the most consumable part in drilling project, sometimes can take big profit for the drillers. Strong screen surface and high conductance will guarantee a continuous drilling job. Long lifetime of screen means low replacement frequency, which will increase the drilling efficiency and save the cost in screen consumption. Currently, GN is able to supply the replacement screen for almost all the popular shaker in the market. The pretension composite frame screens have been proved onsite with good quality and acceptable performance.

3. The decanter centrifuge is with wide application on oilfield like in solids control system for barite recovery and fine solids separation, in waste cuttings management system for drilling fluids polishing and other dewatering projects. GN is able to provide the solid bowl decanter centrifuge with bowl diameter from 9 inch to 30 inch. The adoption of duplex stainless steel to make the bowl and designed protection with tungsten plate or sleeve on screw blade and solids discharge port give the decanter a long working time with low maintenance cost. 

4. GN solids vacuum pump is a 100% pneumatic driven pump with widely application in transferring various materials like liquid, slurry, wet sludge and even solids. Specifically, the vacuum pump can transfer the drilling cuttings to further treatment equipment; can transfer the oily sludge for pit cleaning. Comparing with the screw conveyer, the vacuum pump is with compact structure and transferring via hose, which makes the locating of the vacuum pump more flexible onsite.

GN is looking forward to meeting with you at the show