February 09 2023

CIPPE is finally expecting a glorious exhibition in 2023 after a long time COVID. Here GN Solids Control would like to invite all GN Solids Control friends to join one of the world largest oil and gas shows in Beijing, China from May., 31st to Jun., 2nd in the Beijing International Exhibition Center (New).

2023.02.08 CIPPE 1
As the world famous brand of solids control equipment manufacturer and drilling waste management equipment systems, GN Solids Control has been keeping providing the most cost-effective products in thousands of drilling rig sites. Without doubt, CIPPE ( 2023 is a great show, GN Solids Control is excited to meet customers at our booth.

GN Booth No.: E2168
During this exhibition, GN Solids Control will show the following equipment:

2023.02.08 CIPPE 3
1. GN ViST Shaker
GN ViST shaker is a traditional shaker fixed with vacuum screen unit. ViST can help to recover more than 20~30% liquid from the drilling mud, which is a large volume waste reduction and new drilling mud investment after year’s accumulation.

2023.02.08 CIPPE 4
2. GN Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter centrifuge is a core treating unit when speaks of fine particles eliminate, especially solids above 2~5 microns can be separated out. GN Solids Control will bring the most popular centrifuge 14 inch and 22 inch.
3. GN Cuttings Dryer
Cuttings Dryer is largely used for OBM and SBM treating, oil in the cuttings can be controlled less than 5% from above 15%. GN Solids Control provides cuttings dryer with different sizes of screen basket, which can be changed for different materials.

2023.02.08 CIPPE 5
4. GN Solids Vacuum Pump
If you are having a headache when moving high viscosity drilling cuttings, then GN Solids Vacuum Pump is the best choice. GN Solids Control has built 3 different models: 10B, 20B and 40B.

2023.02.08 CIPPE 7
5. GN Screw Conveyor
Screw conveyor is largely used to remove drill cuttings discharged from shaker, desander, desilter. It is an effectively solids transfer unit within certain length.

2023.02.08 CIPPE 6
6. GN Shaker Screen
GN Solids Control manufactures the best shaker screens with precise API cut point which are verified by USA third party. GN Solids Control also provides customized shaker screen carton for large quantity screen order.