January 14 2022

With the fast development of GN Solids America, the branch company of Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd, GN is able to provide more and more advanced solids and liquid separation equipment to North American customers. 
We have been busy manufacturing a large sets of dredging slurry dewatering system for a Canadian client, and they are all ready to deliver and to be used in client’s work site. 

2022.01.12 Shale Shaker

This dredging slurry dewatering system is customized to meet the strict demands of the environment ministry, below are the main equipment:
1.GN Double Deck Shale Shaker, 2 sets, GNZS706 
Vibrators for the double deck shakers, desilters and mud cleaners are all originally made in the USA, brands Martin. 
GN double deck shakers fixed with different sizes shaker screens can separate the slurry twice. 

2022.01.12 Desander Desilter
2.GN Desander, 1 set, GNZJ703F-2S 
GN Desander includes one bottom 703 shaker and 2 sets 10 inch hydrocyclones, it will be used to remove big particles after treated by double deck shakers. 
3.GN Desilter, 1 set, GNZJ703F-12N
And GN desilter is composed by one bottom 703 shaker as well as 12 units 4 inch cyclones. GN 4 inch cyclones are used to remove particles larger than 25 microns. 

2022.01.13 Decanter Centrifuge
4.30 inch Bowl Decanter Centrifuge, 2 sets, GNLW764A-VFD
GN Solids Control manufactures different bowl sizes of decanter centrifuges, for this dredging dewatering system GN Solids Control provides 2 sets 30 inch bowl centrifuges. All the driven motors are USA Marathon brands, UL certified. 
GN 30 inch bowl centrifuges are also equipped with temperature sensors and rotating sensors, which can be monitored in the center control room.  
5.Screw Conveyor, 8 sets
Screw conveyors collect the slurry and move them among this big system. GN Solids Control provides skids to support the screw conveyors at proper height. All the screw conveyors are special designed to move high solids content slurry, motors are USA Marathon, and reducers are Germany Nord. 

2022.01.13 Screw Conveyor
6.Mud Tank, 3 sets
Shale shakers, desander and desilter are fixed on the top of the mud tank, which connected by levers and use one single screw conveyor in the tank bottom. Some other products like Centrifugal pumps and Mud Agitators are also provided.

2022.01.12 Mud Tank