June 22 2016

GN shale shaker was highly praised by client and the performance story was published on Gas Oil & Mining Contractor this May, written by Ken Wysocky. The article title is Shale shaker machines help California contractor stay ahead of the game in fast-paced oilfield industry.

Link of the article is as below:

“The stakes are high every time contractor Matt Reyes brings his solids control machinery to a drilling pad. The bottom line: Keep up the pace or get out of the way for another contractor who can. The solution? Four-panel shale shakers made by GN Solids America.”

In oilfield industry, to the oilfield service company, especially who provide solids control and dewatering services, a great name will get the business; while more important is your reputation has to be as good as your equipment. If your equipment breaks down, the drilling companies are not going to call you anymore.

cgsshaker2 large 1 0622 gn shale shaker


“CGE provides solids control and dewatering services for a variety of industries, including oilfield drilling companies. Reyes says the company bought its first GN Solids shale shaker more than one year ago. At the time, the main allure was the competitive price. But Reyes quickly discovered the machine also lived up to its performance specifications, which explains why CGE now owns 10 GN units — or nearly half its fleet of shale shakers, he notes.”

At the beginning of consider to invest on GN shale shaker, the client was attracted by the cost, But finally, the client found GN shale shaker can perform well as the stated performance specifications, which convinced client to get more units from GN.

“The key productivity factors in shale shakers are fluid capacity and the G-force generated to vibrate the screen; the higher the gpm and G-force ratings, the more the unit can process per hour. The specs for a GN Solids four-panel shaker show a flow capacity of up to 616 gpm and G-force of 8, and the unit delivers on both counts, which is critical, Reyes says. ‘A lot of units say they’ll give you this much G-force, but when you do a motion analysis, it hardly ever hits spec,’ he notes. ‘But this one does.’”

This client got GN shale shakers and mud cleaners; the mud cleaner is designed to have the same model shale shaker as a bottom drying shaker for the drilling cuttings discharged from the cyclone units. Overall heat treatment on the shaker deck makes the unit strong enough when vibrating under the G force up to 7.5 or 8. The horizontal steel beam welded on the deck wall again strengthens the shaker deck. Four panel screens are firmly fixed by 8 pieces wedge blocks on the screen frame. The screen frame is made of stainless steel with better anti-corrosion feature. With 2.73 square meters screen area, GN shale shaker shows the flow rate up to 600GPM when using the API 40 screen. Contractor could adjust the screen mesh size as needed, depending on how much sand, clay and other materials they expect to drill through.

0622 gn shale shaker 1

“Overall, Reyes says the GN Solids shakers have been a great investment. ‘You need to get your money back, and you know what? They do the job,’ Reyes says of the units. ‘Depending on where it’s used, we sometimes can run one for six months and it pretty much pays for itself. After that, it’s all profit.’”

GN shale shaker was praised on its reliability; the first unit to this client was trail run 24 hours a day for three months straight, no break down. Contractor want to make profit, buy how to get the make it? The answer is a small investment on GN shale shaker, after running for several months, it is all profit.

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