July 05 2021

It it so fast that 2021 Summer is coming, and half year past like a thunder light. As a routine annual out door activity, GN Solids Control sales team had the 2021 Summer Activity in Yesanpo Scenic Area which is a National AAAAA tourist area and World Geopark last Friday and Saturday. 
This Summer Activity is to activate company's culture 'Make GN as a world respectable brand’, enhance the cross department communication, assistance and implementation ability, improve the sales team's cohesion, and build an excellent elite team, and get familiar with each other especially the new employees can integrate into the whole team quickly.  

2021.07.03 GN Tuanjian 1

GN Solids Control organized the domestic sales department and international sales department to carry out this outdoor development activity, which is mainly carried out around the theme of "passion melting team" and "cohesion make dream come true".
Sales team is the driven force for a company, only when all team members are closely united into a group, the sales team will be invincible. Through stimulate benign sales behavior to create efficient sales, and form an efficient sales team with consistent goals, smooth communication, harmonious atmosphere and mutual support. 

2021.07.03 GN Tuanjian 5
This outdoor development activity mainly includes: 
1.Ice breaking and team culture construction: Break the ice, warm up and two teams are divided.  
2.The archery battlefield of attack & defense: Inspire courage, strategy, faith, wisdom. Enhance the team sense of collectivity, responsibility and honor.

2021.07.03 GN Tuanjian 2
3.Work together to build a tower: Division of labor effectively and clear responsibilities are the base of of an efficient team.

2021.07.03 GN Tuanjian 4
4.Fast Chess: Training team members' fast decision-making ability as well as planning ability.
5.Power loop: Strive for the realization of team goals by overcome internal weakness. 
6.Barbecue buffet: Most favourite, have fun and relax, good communication chance with all team members. Karaoke & Singing after supper, one another high light to go nut and relax. 
7.Field reality CS: Only brave man can win, always challenge yourself and say ‘Yes, U can!’

2021.07.03 GN Tuanjian 3
8.Fantastic drift journey: Mountain drift, Canyon cave drift and Juma River drift. 
After this activity, we all feel the warmth of the big family, and the spirit of unity and hard work.  Even in this bad time with COVID and sharply increasing shipping freight, we have the confidence to concentrate on the road in the future, and will forge ahead more bravely and spare no efforts to achieve a satisfying sales quota. Welcome to join GN team!