April 10 2020

GN Solids Control is a leading turnkey solids and liquid equipment provider, thousands of customized systems have been provided to global customers include GN Oil Sludge Treating Systems. Last month GN Solids Control delivered another 15 m3/h Oil Sludge Treating System to one domestic customer who will use it to treat oil sludge collected from different drilling rig sites.

20200410 Oil Sludge Treating System

GN Oil Sludge Treating System is mainly composed by the following treating components:

1.GN Feeding Pump

Due to the oil sludge is usually has a larger density and high viscosity, it’s vital important to use an effective feeding pump to suck the sludge and feed into the afterwards treating unit. Here GN is using vacuum transfer pump, it’s mainly designed to transfer sludge has solids max. 80% and particles less than 75 mm. Any moveable sludge or power can be transferred by GN vacuum pump. 

2.GN Pre-Mixing and Heating Tank

Heating is usually seen when oil sludge need to add chemicals to dilute. Mud agitators are also used to mix the oil sludge thoroughly. A water boiler will be used to provide hot air to those pipes along the tank.  

3.GN Shale Shaker Treating Unit

A submersible pump suck the diluted oil sludge and feed into GN shale shaker treating unit. Double deck shaker is widely seen and anti-sparing cover as well as flushing nozzles are fixed on the shaker to keep the shaker screen from blocking.  

20200410 Oil Sludge

4.GN 2 Phase Centrifuge Treating Unit

GN 2 phase decanter centrifuge removes most of the those larger solids from the slurry discharged by shale shaker. After treated by GN 2 phase centrifuge, solids with oil is around 1%-3%. TDU might be used to further treat the solids discharged from shale shaker and decanter centrifuge. 

5.GN 3 Phase Disc-Centrifuge Treating Unit

As the key treating equipment, GN 3 phase disc-centrifuge help to get much clear oil (BS & W less than 3%) and clean water (oil is 1000-3000 ppm). 

GN Oil Sludge Treating System is a compact designed system, all the above treating equipment can be put in standard containers for convenient move.