September 12 2019

Recently, one set of GN oil based drilling cuttings dryer system has been completely commissioned in Xinjiang oilfield. So far, the onsite running condition is satisfactory. 

The cuttings dryer system is designed for further treatment of the drilling cutting discharged from primary mud recycling system, so that to recover much more drilling mud and reduce the waste discharge. It can greatly reduce the cost in disposing the waste and save the consumption of drilling mud base liquid. After treating by GN vertical cuttings dryer, the oil content on cuttings could be reduce down to less than 5%.

GN Cuttings Dryer System Configuration

GN is able to provide a turnkey solution of cuttings management system including cutting conveying equipment, cutting dryer equipment and liquid polishing equipment. 
1. Screw Conveyor – according to the mud recycling system layout on site, GN provides the screw conveyor with specified length and installation inclined degree with supporting leg to collecting the drilling cuttings from mud system, especially from primary shale shaker, and conveys to vertical cuttings dryer unit. If site requests more flexible layout of the equipment, GN recommend using the solid vacuum pump to replace the screw conveyor.
2. Vertical Cuttings Dryer – this is the key equipment in the cuttings dryer system. The air knife and flushing system ensures the dryer unit long time running without inner parts blocking. High speed up to 900RPM guarantees the high efficiency in drying the cuttings.
3. High Speed Bowl Centrifuge – the liquid discharged from cutting dryer unit will be pumped to the decanter centrifuge for polishing to remove the ultrafine solids, so that the drilling mud can be reused for well drilling. 

Besides the skid mounted cuttings dryer system, GN is also able to provide modular cutting management equipment according to specified site condition. For more information, please feel free to contact GN.