February 21 2020

GN Solids Control is one leading solids control and waste management equipment manufacturer. Besides those solids and liquid treating equipment, GN Solids Control also manufactures different kinds of transfer pumps include Vacuum Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Submersible Pump and Screw Pump etc. 

2020.02.20 Offshore Platform Pump

GN Vacuum Pump is especially designed to transfer high solids content slurry with large density and viscosity, wet slurry can be also transferred without problem. Due to this pump is an air driven pump, it can be used in any explosion environment. Weeks ago, GN Solids Control shipped some sets Vacuum Pumps to a overseas customer, who will use those pumps to transfer drilling cuttings on offshore drilling platforms. GN Solids Control has been providing solids control equipment and drilling waste management systems for onshore and offshore for many years. In order to be used on offshore drilling rig platform, GN Solids Control designed and manufactured these vacuum pumps meet DNV lifting demand, if needed by customer GN Solids Control can also provides DNV lifting witness certification. 

Now GN Solids Control manufactures 3 different models of Vacuum Pumps which are GNSP-40B, GNSP-20B and GNSP-10B. Max. Solids content for GN vacuum pump is 1000 m, and particles larger than 75 mm can be transferred successfully. As the largest model GNSP-40B, its flow rate reaches to 40 m3/h. Pump is fixed in a lifting frames and can be also moved by using forklift. While for the other smaller models GNSP-20B and GNSP-10B can be moved easily as they are designed with wheels. 

When working, an air compressor is necessary to provide suction and discharge force for GN vacuum pump. There are 2 working modes: one is automatic control and the other is manual control. The suction time and discharge time can be both adjusted by the two timers. GN vacuum pumps can be also used to transfer food grade materials, all the contact materials can be made by Stainless steel or carbon steel.