June 21 2024

A set of mini Mud cleaning system was designed and manufactured by GN Solids Control recently for an overseas drilling project.

As a leading manufacturer and turnkey solution provider in the solids control and separation industry, GN is capable of developing diversified equipment and systems to meeting customers different requirements.

Mud cleaner Mud cleaning system Desanding system GN Solids control Mini system

The GN Mud cleaning system exemplifies an innovative approach of designing. It integrates a bottom shale shaker, one large de-sander cyclone with tank and pump in a compact unit. This setup effectively removes solids from drilling mud, enhancing operational efficiency.

GN Solids Control specializes in manufacturing mud cleaners, shale shakers, desanders, desilters, decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers, etc. These products are essential for efficient solids control and drilling waste management in oil and gas operations.

Mud cleaner Mud cleaning system GN Solids control

In addition to standard equipment, GN Solids Control offers customized solutions tailored to specific operational requirements. This flexibility allows them to meet diverse demands across different projects and industries.

Desander system Mud cleaner Mud cleaning system GN Solids control

GN offers single deck shale shakers in 2 panels, 3 panels, and 4 panels configurations, as well as double deck shakers. These shakers are designed with stainless steel shake decks that withstand high G-forces without compromising performance.

GN Solids Control provides comprehensive turnkey systems for solids and liquid separation, ensuring seamless integration and efficient operation for their clients. This includes system design, equipment supply, installation, and ongoing support.

With a strong international presence, GN Solids Control supports customers worldwide with reliable products and responsive service. Their solutions adhere to industry standards and are recognized for their quality and performance.

GN Solids Control emphasizes providing cost-effective solutions that optimize operational efficiency and reduce overall project costs. Our expertise in solids control and waste management contributes to sustainable and profitable operations for the clients.

For organizations seeking reliable solids controls and separation solutions tailored to their specific needs, GN Solids Control offers expertise, innovation, and comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle. Prospective clients are encouraged to contact GN Solids Control for more information on their products and services.