August 23 2018

This week, GN arranged the delivery for one set hydrovac excavation waste slurry treatment system for a client from Canada. This is the third set same system sent to North America Territory. With many years development, GN equipment now could be used in many industries such as the normal drilling fluids solids control, waste cuttings management and this excavation waste slurry treatment project.

The hydrovac excavation waste is coming as a mixture of water, soil, large size trash and some other materials. GN solution is to provide a classified-separation process to recover water and remedy the soil; the rough process diagram is consisting of following steps.

1. Waste Collecting and Washing Module – the waste slurry is delivered to site via the hydrocac truck and then discharged to a large size collecting hopper at which bottom there are valves to discharge the slurry onto a coarse screen for large size trash separation. The liquid with fine particles is collected in the tank located under the coarse screen. The liquid is then pumped to GN high G forcedrying shaker for finer solids separation. Here the operator can also use pressure flushing device to wash the slurry. GN shaker is fixed with composite frame shaker screen for longer working time and better performance.

2. Fine Solids Hydro cycling Separation Module – GN desilter with hydro cyclone manifold is fixed on a washing tank for further separation of the fine solids. The under shaker of the desilter is same model with GN drying shaker for easy maintenance. The hydrocyclone is using centrifugal force and gravity to separate the liquid and solids. The slurry is pumped into the cyclone with high speed for effectively separation process.

3.Dewatering Centrifuge Module – in this hydrovac excavation waste slurry treatment system, a 22 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge is used to remove the ultra-fine solids in the slurry. A chemical dosing system can be connected to the dewatering centrifuge to increase the efficiency of the separation.

GN now has two units of this hydrovac waste slurry treatment running in the United States, and the client is satisfied with the performance. For more information on this system, welcome contact with GN.