January 15 2020

Dewatering centrifuge is one for GN main product that is mainly used to remove the fine solids in liquid. Separating the cuttings or other sand silt is one application of the dewatering centrifuge. Some mud-water balance TBM boring project need to use mud to take out the drilling sand. In order to reduce the cost of drilling, contractor likes to recycle the mud. The dewatering centrifuge is one of the ideal solutions. 

For economic development and city infrastructure construction, many Southeast Asia countries need to adopt TBM project for underground pipe laying, subway construction, etc. GN dewatering centrifuge package has be ordered by many clients from Southeast Asia. 

GN dewatering centrifuge package is consisting of decanter centrifuge and flocculation agent dosing system. In the mud, even using high speed decanter centrifuge cannot separator the ultrafine solid by only using mechanical method. The flocculation process will help to gather the fine solids in the mud, and then separation by high speed decanter can be done.

GN standard chemical dosing unit is a 3-compartment tank with powder feeding hopper, agitators, metering pump, piping system and PLC control panel. It can automatically make the chemical solution, and add to the adding point as per the logical setting up.

Usually, in the consideration of the transportation and convenient operation, GN will install the dewatering centrifuge and chemcal dosing unit on same skid or put them into the container. The contractor could trailer transports the complete unit from one site to the other easily. 

GN has a wide range of the dewatering centrifuge based on bowl diameter and flow capacity, which gives client various options according to the treating capacity and budget. GN is also able to provide the economic single barrel design dosing unit. 

For more information about GN dewatering centrifuge package, please feel free to contact with us.