January 13 2024

Recently, 1 series of Desander, mud cleaner, and Shale Shaker have been manufactured and ready to start operation for an Indonesian Project.

This project signifies a accomplishment in GN's continuous endeavors to provide top-tier solids control solutions to customers in different industries.

2024.01.05 Shale Shaker

The successful sale to our Indonesian client is not just a significant business achievement for GN, it also cements our position as a reliable provider of efficient equipment in the solids control industry. The client's preference for our product is attributed to its proven track record in screening efficiency, durability, and low maintenance requirements.

2024.01.05 Mud Gun

Ensuring the reliable performance of the Desander, mud cleaner, and Shale Shaker, along with the smooth operation of all parts and components for long-term use, has been a focal point for our technical, production, and quality control departments. From material selection to preparation, every production step and inspection is meticulously attended to.

2024.01.05 Desander Desilter

The Desander, mud cleaner, and Shale Shaker series play a pivotal role in GN's comprehensive lineup of premium solids control and screening solutions, which includes decanter centrifuges, shale shakers, and conveyance equipment. Each product in our portfolio is crafted with cutting-edge technology, upholding the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

The successful sale of our Desander, mud cleaner, and Shale Shaker underscores GN's commitment to delivering impactful solutions to the solids control industry, emphasizing our dedication to effectiveness and excellence.

For any assistance related to the operation and maintenance of GN's Equipment, including Desander, mud cleaner, and Shale Shaker, please feel free to contact GN company. Our team of engineers possesses extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, committed to providing the best support for the success of your project. We are also prepared to offer online support and on-site guidance tailored to address specific situations if needed, fostering stable and long-term cooperation through collaborative efforts.