August 28 2016

GN Solids Control have a wide range of decanter centrifuges from 9inch to 30inch, the bowl length and diameter ration is up to 4.2 for differential applications. This project which is ready for shipment is a big bowl 22inch decanter centrifuge with polymer dosing unit in a 20 foot container for industrial waste water treatment.

Waste Water Centrifuge
Waste Water Centrifuge

This waste water treatment project, clients ordered the 22inch decanter centrifuge, screw pump for feeding centrifuge, and a 20 foot polymer dosing system. The GNLW553C-VFD centrifuge is a 22inch bowl centrifuge with 71 inch bowl length. The bowl peed is up to 2800 RPM with VFD and HMI control panels. The chemical enhanced technology is able to provide the waste water solutions with zero cut point separation to discharge clean water.


Polymer Dosing Unit
Polymer Dosing Unit

Advantage of GN Waste Water Treatment Centrifuge
1)    Adjustable bowl and differential speed for different waste water.
2)    Continue operation with less man power.
3)    Less foot print than the press filters
4)    Less polymer consumption than the press filters
5)    Tungsten carbide tiles protection to prolong the life of the centrifuge with less maintenance.
6)    Worldwide distribution partners and branches to give you local support.

You can check for more applications of GN Big Bowl decanter Centrifuge