October 07 2019

GN solids control is committed to providing the qualified equipment used in oilfield for drilling mud recycling. With over ten years' experience in designing and manufacturing the mud recycling equipment, GN product has been proved on site with stable performance and low maintenance. Recently, GN finished one batch mud recycling system for a client from Russia.

In mud recycling system, the decanter centrifuge is the last stage separation equipment used to remove the fine solids or cuttings. Before the decanter centrifuge, there are primary shale shakers, cyclone unit equipment to remove the coarse solids, so that the decanter centrifuge can be protected in the largest extent. In the petroleum industry, GN decanter centrifuge can be used as for fine solids and cuttings separation in solids control system, barite recovery, and the oily sludge treatment system for solid-liquid 2-phase separation. GN decanter centrifuge is with below features.

1. High running speed available with fixed speed starter and VFD control panel with explosion proof certificate for hazardous area.

2. Bowl material adopts the duplex stainless steel processed by centrifugal casting technology to make the bowl much denser for better dynamic balance.

3. Protection on easy wearing parts like screw propeller using tungsten carbide plate, mud distribution ports using tungsten sleeve, solids discharge port also using tungsten carbide sleeve.

This client also ordered GN centrifugal pump, also called sand pump, for mud transferring. In mud recycling system, the centrifugal pump is with various applications.

1. Feeding pump – the centrifugal pump can be used as the feeding pump for de-sander and de-sitler cyclone to make the cyclone with a sufficient power for centrifugal separation happens in cyclones.

2. Mixing pump – When adding the mud chemicals into the mud system, the centrifugal pump can be used to circle the mud from mud tank and take the chemicals back into the mud tank. The impeller can also shear the mud chemicals.

GN solids control is able to provide the whole line of solids control equipment and even turnkey mud recycling system. If any request, please feel free to contact with GN.