GN Solids Control is a turnkey liquid & solids separation equipment provider. GN made mud recycling systems helped thousands of customers recover valuable drilling mud and more importantly also protect the environmental from getting pollution.  
In August, GN Solids Control delivered one set of CBM Drilling Rig mud solids control system for a coal mining company. Here are the main treating equipment in this CBM system:

2020.08.13 Drilling Solids Control

1.GN 3 Panels Shaker
Two sets of GN 3 panels shale shaker GNZS703F are connected by a big box type feeding distributor. Both of these shakers are linear motion ones which moved by two vibrators. 

2020.08.13 Mud Tank System
GN 3 panels shale shaker removes most of the coarse solids/particles from the CBM drilling mud. GN Solids Control made SS opening mesh shaker screens are especially good at treating high solids content drilling mud without wear even after long time usage.    

2020.08.13 Solids Control System for CBM Drilling
2.GN De-sander

GN De-sander is a shale shake fixed with 10 inch hydrocyclones, here we use one mini shaker GNZS752 as the bottom shaker as it has only 2 panels. Liquid after treated by GN shale shaker is feed by one centrifugal pump into GN De-sander, where solids larger than 50 microns are removed. 

3.GN De-silter

GN Desitler uses 4 inch hydrocyclones, here 8 units are used. Same with the de-sander, those 4 inch de-silter cyclones are also fixed on the top of the GN 2 panels shale shaker GNZS752. Drilling mud from the de-sander tank is sucked and feed into GN de-silter, solids larger than 25 microns are removed. 

2020.08.13 Mud Cleaning System
4.GN Mud Tank

GN shale shaker, GN de-sander and GN de-silter are all fixed on the top of a mud tank. Ladders, walk ways and safety guardrails are provided with the mud tank. Totally 4 sets mud tanks are provided. 

5.GN Jet Mud Mixer

After treated by the the above mentioned equipment, GN Jet Mud Mixer is used to add drilling chemicals and product new clean drilling mud that can be used in CBM drilling. 
6.GN Centrifugal Pump

3 set of GN Centrifugal Pumps are used as the feeding pumps for de-sander and de-silter. GN made centrifugal pumps are totally interchangeable with NOV Mission Magnum pump.