June 29 2011

Last week GN just came back from Brazil Offshore 2011, Besides Derrick, GN is the only solids control equipments manufacturer in the show.

GN at Brazil Offshore 2011

General info. about Brazil Offshore 2011
Show Name: Brazil Offshore 2011  
Show Time: 14th to 17th June 2011 
Venue: Macaé centro , Macaé ,Brazil

GN solids control equipments and systems are mainly used for the following industries:
1 Onshore drilling solids control system
2 HDD (horizontal Directional Drilling)
3 Drilling waste management (both for onshore and offshore drilling)
4 Liquid mud plant ( to clean and recycle used drilling mud, to prepare for new drilling fluids)

Face to face talk with client

If you are interested in our solids control equipments and would like to meet us in the oil show, we could have a meeting in AOG (Argentina Oil & Gas) which is held on 10~13 October, 2011.

We will public the detailed booth info of AOG timely.