July 14 2011
Last week, GN came back from Moscow oil & gas exhibition 2011 with great success. At the exhibition, GN showed the drilling mud recycling system which is independently designed and produced.

General information on the 11th Mosco International Exhibition "Oil and Gas

* Name: 11th Mosco International exhibition "Oil and Gas"
* Time: from 21st on the 24th, June, 2011
* Location: Expocentre Fairgrounds,Mosco,Russia

GN solids control equipment and systems used for circulating the following categories:

1. oil and gas drilling
2. GNB and underground construction
3. Testing of drilling shalm (drill cuttings, produced from oil and gas drilling)
4. Separation of solids phrases from the mud.
Face to face with customers
If you have any requirements for equipment and complete circulatory system, please contact us directly.