April 24 2019

Last week, GN finished the factory test running of the automatic tank cleaning system. Client from South America watched the working process and approved the factory delivery. Later the system will be shipped out. 

GN Solids Control is known as a separation solution provider. The automatic tank cleaning system actually is designed to separate the solid from the tank flushing slurry to make the water reusable.

Working principle of GN Automatic Tank Cleaning System

GN tank cleaning system is a none washing gun design, it receives the dirty flushing slurry and separate the solids and liquid in the sedimentation vessel, in the meanwhile, the built-in chemical dosing system will add flocculant into the slurry to speed up the fine solids gathering and sedimentation. Separated water will over flow and drop into the storage tank waiting for reusing. 


Components of GN Automatic Tank Cleaning System

1. Slurry collecting pump – at the beginning of this system, an electrical vacuum pump is used to transfer the flushing slurry into the sedimentation vessel. The pump is connected to a lever sensor in sedimentation pool for automatically feeding and stop.
2. Inclined Plate Clarifier – the sedimentation vessel is an inclined plate clarifier, inside the clarifier, there are many inclined plates with uniform distance between each two. These plates in built 55 degree inclined with ground so that the solids could settle down rapidly along the plate to the bottom of the clarifier. 

3. Chemical dosing system – the automatic tank cleaning system is equipped with chemical mixing barrel and dosing pump. Flocculants could be made here and pumped to the clarifier for fine solids gathering and sedimentation.   

The tank cleaning system could greatly reduce the consumption of flushing water and increase the working efficiency. For easy transportation, GN automatic tank cleaning system is designed to mount all modules on one skid so that the entire system could be put into a 40 feet container for ocean shipment. GN has another tank cleaning system under fabrication, form more information, please feel free to contact with GN.