November 11 2016

GN again attended the ADIPEC this year in Abu Dhabi from 7th to 10th November. As one of the largest worldwide exhibition and conference for petroleum industry, ADIPEC attracted thousands of visitors and exhibitors there to cooperate with this great project.
This time GN showed there the decanter centrifuge and shaker screen at ADIPEC. As a super star in GN’s production line, the decanter centrifuge always comes on the stage for GN’s show time. In the past few years, GN is consistently focusing on improving the quality of the centrifuge unit, now the latest D version has already been issued. Nowadays, GN’s decanter centrifuge is widely used in many industries. The shaker screen is no doubt a consumable wear part that drillers have largest requirement as long as the drilling is in processing, the shaker screen will be needed. GN also invested much on developing the fabrication technology of shaker screen to expect the larger market share.

What GN Decanter Centrifuge Can Do
Solids control & waste management– GN’s decanter centrifuge could be used in normal solids control system for the barite recovery and ultra fine solids separation. By equipping with the VFD control panel or changing different belt pulley, the centrifuge could run at either middle speed like 1800 rpm or up to 3200 rpm for different application. For further waste treatment of the cuttings discharged from primary shale shaker, the recovered drilling fluids could be polished by the high speed decanter centrifuge.

Waste oil and water treatment– Most of the oily waste sludge produced in the drilling site or refineries are always three phase mixture including oil, waster and solid. GN’s decanter centrifuge could be used as a ideal equipment to separate the liquid and solids for this sludge, and together with an oil water separator device, a complete oily sludge treatment system could be provided by GN.
Besides above mentioned, GN’s decanter centrifuge is also able to be used in other industries like chemicals and beverage.

What Type Shaker Screen Can Be Found in GN
So far, GN has already completed the shaker screen fabrication line for both the frame type screen and hook strip type screen. And For the frame screen, GN now is able to manufacture both steel frame and composite material type screen. Recently, GN is promoting the composite material screen. Below listed are the advantages of GN’s composite material screen comparing with other China suppliers.

  • Automatic Robot Welding of the steel frame to have better quality and consistency.
  • High quality fiber glass improves plastic quality and screen temperature resistant to 140 C degree.
  • GN 3-layer wire mesh for API 60 and above for longer screen life, normally other China suppliers use 3 layer only for API 120 and above.
  • GN high performance wire mesh configuration is compliant to API RP 13C

For more information on GN’s decanter centrifuge or shaker screen, you may sending email to or call us directly.