GN solids control just supplied
We just selled Gas-Liquid Separator for Tarim oilfield
Solids control system.They will use the gas liqiud separator to protect the safty of well drilling.

GN Solids Control Equipments designed and manufactured ZYQ1200 Gas-Liquid Separator specially for Tarim oilfield. This gas separator uses  “air-powered adjusting valve” structure, the tank can be laid by side, also holds elevator device to adjust height. The new feature and advantages obtained customer’s appreciation.

Gas liquid separator                                             Electric ignition device

Gas-Liquid Separator China oilfield Solids control ignition device
YDP20/3 Electric Ignitor can be used by manual or remote controlling. This Electric Ignitor uses high-performance circuit, the key accessories are imported, so the function is stable and operates reliably