March 15 2019

GN Solids Control just finished one batch of equipment for a customer from Middle East. The order list includes several fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge, feeding pumps and 80+ mud agitators.

Currently, GN is able to provide the industrial decanter centrifuge with wide range of bowl size from 9 inch to 30 inch. GN fullyhydraulic drive decanter centrifuge is running by using the hydraulic pump to transfer the oil to drive the bowl and scroll.

Below features of GN FHD decanter centrifuge:
1. Compact structure with centrifuge, hydraulic driving system and the control system in one skid for easy rig up. Operators can run the unit easily with PLC system smart control and safety protection.
2. Hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge could be used in the area with high ambient temperature for heavy mud with flexible bowl and differential speed various application like barite recycling, mud dewatering and waste cuttings management.
3. To ensure the stable performance and less maintenance, the rotating part of GN centrifuge is well processed by high precision CNC machine and balanced by high speed balancing machine. Centrifugal casting technology makes the bowl material much denser to avoid bubble.

GN recommends the word famous brand screw pump as the centrifuge feeding pump. With a stable flow rate, the screw pump can feed to centrifuge continuously. GN can set up the control of the feed pump in the control panel of the centrifuge to interlock the running of pump and centrifuge for safety running.

GN adopted the helical gear reducer to make the mud agitators in this order, below advantages in using the helical gear reducer.
1. Compact unit for saving space, reliable and durable, high capability to bear for overload
2. Low energy consumption, superior performance, high efficiency
3. Low vibration, low noise, high energy saving

Welcome contact with GN Solids Control to get more information on the mud recycling equipment.