May 08 2020

GN Solids Control manufactures 300 sets to 500 sets shale shakers every year, customers from more than 70 countries are using GN shale shakers especially those customers from oil and gas drilling industry.

Most of GN shale shakers are linear motion ones, actually GN Solids Control also provides dual motion shale shakers that can be used in complicate working environment. Several weeks ago, GN Solids Control delivered some sets dual motion shale shakers to an international drilling company.

2020.04.30 Drilling Shale Shaker

GN dual motion shaker includes two working mode: one is linear motion and the other is elliptical motion, each mode can be adjusted by using the switch on the control box.

GN Shaker Linear Motion:

Linear is widely used by all shale shaker manufacturers. It's stable and easy to achieve.

Advantage: Hi-G force, better screen panel penetration, larger treat flow rate, direct contact with drilling cuttings, bigger throw and vibrate angle, and longer stay time on screen panel etc. Especially suitable for mud with low viscosity, large capacity, high solids content, big and solid drill particles etc.  

2020.04.30 Shale Shaker

GN Shaker Elliptical Motion:

Advantage: smooth function on drilling cuttings, longer screen panel stay time, anti-blocking screen hole, and drill cuttings not easy to broke etc. Especially suitable for high drilling mud viscosity, small flow rate, larger solids content and breakable drilling mud.

GN dual motion shale shaker can be used in different drilling depths and fully treat the drilling mud. Usually, GN linear shale shake is mainly used in the first and second drilling, while the elliptical motion is suitable for the further depth drilling such as  third time drilling or even in the forth drilling.

Besides the shale shakers, GN Solids Control also provide the other solids control equipment and drilling cuttings treatment systems such as desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer.