September 19 2019

This week, in GN workshop, one set of drilling rig mud circulation system is now under the factory trial assembling, after that the system will be shipped out to a domestic client coming from Hebei province. GN is with more than 10 years' experience in designing and manufacturing the mud circulation system according to both standard GN configurations and customized specifications.

This set mud circulation system is a full stage separation system including all the solids control procedures. The main equipment is below listed.

  • Shale shaker GNZS703F, 2 unit – two units of shale shakers are used for coarse cuttings separation. Between 2 shakers, there are mud distribution pipe from which the drilling mud can be distributed into 2 shakers evenly. GN shaker is with simple structure and patented screen sealing technology to guarantee the stable performance.
  • The desander GNZJ752-2S and desilter GNZJ752F-12N are mini cleaner design with small footprint under drying shaker. With this mini shaker, the sludge discharged from cyclone unit will be dried once more to recover more drilling fluids and reduce waste discharge. All GN shakers are installed with the composite frame screen with long working life and better anti-rusty features. 
  • Decanter centrifuge GNLW452, 1 unit is used for barite recovery and fine cuttings separation. All GN decanter adopts the protection of tungsten carbide plate on the screw blade and sleeve at solids discharge port to make sure a longtime running with low cost.
  • All the mud circulation equipment are installed on 3 sets mud tanks including mud recycling and mud mixing. 3 units of sand pumps are equipped in this mud system, 2 of them are for mud feeding to cyclone unit and another one unit connected with mud hopper for mud mixing. 

Before shipping out, all the mud circulation system in GN factory will be carried out trial assembling, equipment running without load and leakage test on the tanks prevent trouble happening on site.